Want to clean up directly from the main site? Grab the Ask Ubuntu Clean Up UserScript!

So you want to help clean up Ask Ubuntu? You've come to the right place!

Ask Ubuntu gets a lot of posts. So many that some of the less interesting topics slip off the radar and won't ever get a response. In a forum, you just accept that. On Ask Ubuntu, we want to be pro-active and make sure we have as little deadwood onboard as we progress.

The targets for this project are questions that currently don't have viable answers (ones with at least +1 scores). We can automatically find those but dealing with them needs real people. Real people like you!

We want to make clean-up as fun as possible, so we've built this site with its own separate points system. We will occasionally hold competative clean up weeks, hopefully with prizes for the best contributors.

Wait, this sounds confusing, how does this work?

It's pretty simple!

  1. You log in with your OpenID. Basically, whatever you log into Ask Ubuntu with.

  2. You are allocted a manageable batch of questions. These are random from the cruft-pile and while a question is allocated to you, nobody else will be allocated it.

  3. You have 3 days to process your questions. In this time you can prompt the user, add an answer, vote on the question, vote on the existing answers or flag it for removal. If the question becomes closed or is answered (an answer gets +1), you get clean up points.

  4. If you run out of questions, you just request another batch. There are daily limits and there are limits on how many questions you can have open at once, but if you're stuggling with something, you can release it back into the pool of cruft.

So how many points do I get? What do Clean Up points do?

Different actions require different levels of attention. Some will require you to chase things up, you may answer some yourself. We feel the rewards should be as so (but we may change this as things go on):

Points will hopefully mean prizes. Once we have the system working, we'll try to have a proper sponsored Clean Up Week.

So why am I still reading this page?

Good question! Register and/or login and start cleaning!

If you were waiting for a picture of a kitten (as I know many of you will be), here you go:


Very cute. Now go and clean things.

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